Tornado Response

Our staff at Whipple Construction wishes to help those in our community who have been affected by the recent tornado devastation in Central and Western Massachusetts.

We helped many of the people whose homes and businesses were damaged back in June, 1953, when a tornado roared through Worcester. We're ready to help again now. And, this time, joined by our partners at the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Union, we offer our expertise and quality labor force to the many whose lives and families have been so severely impacted by Mother Nature. We stand ready to help you with efforts to rebuild your homes and businesses.

We can provide help in reviewing the damage to your property, work up cost estimates and schedules of the repairs, coordinate with your insurance or federal agencies to expedite the work getting started, provide all documentation and plans to get permitting and approvals and work with you to get the selection process and materials delivered when and where they need to be to get you back into your homes and businesses as fast as possible.

With the help of the men and women of the Carpenters Union, plus the more than 100 years of experience of our professional Whipple team, We can respond quickly, no matter what you may need. And, since we've been in Central Massachusetts for over a century, we know the area - we didn't just arrive on the scene after the recent tornado. We have the financial strength and construction expertise to provide the highest level of commitment and quality in rebuilding properties and lives.

Our Vendors, Suppliers and Labor Partners stand ready to help where ever we're needed. Please call us if you have been affected by this event and we will mobilize to get you back into your homes and businesses.

Thank You

Geoffrey Evancic


Whipple Construction

Tornado Response Sheet

Below are some images of the destruction caused by the June 1st tornados that touched down in cenrtal Massachusetts.